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1. Best Example of Business Transformation

This category is for those so-called "traditional" organisations, public and commercial, where new methods of work, enabled both by a better structuring of processes and workflows and by the growing use of information and communication technology (ICT), are significantly improving performance. Criteria to be considered: breadth of uptake, quality of communications and access to information, clarity of objectives and measured achievements (e.g. reduction of infrastructure costs, improved customer service, retention of staff).

2. Best Example of Start-up Enterprise

Candidates in this category are newly established enterprises (less than 3 years) using various forms of flexible business practice and organisation, in particular through internal (e-work) and external (e-commerce) electronic networking, in order to reduce both their investment and operational costs and their time-to-market. Criteria to be considered: integration of technology use in business process, clarity of objectives and measured achievements (e.g. width of markets and networks in which the enterprise operates).

3. Best Example of Framework Agreement

Framework agreements are generally needed in e-working organisations, in order to supplement inadequate labour laws, whether at national, sectorial or corporate level. Candidates in this category are required to also provide an outline of relevant legislation in their country, to allow for a fair evaluation of their case. Criteria to be considered: employees' rights protection (see e.g. the EC's 1997 Green Paper on "Partnership for a New Organisation of Work"), applicability to other organisations, other countries.

4. Best Initiative Supporting Inclusion

Such initiatives have as an objective, the use of ICT to support productive inclusion of disadvantaged groups. These include; equal work opportunities for women, for disabled and elderly people with reduced mobility, as well as remote and/or underdeveloped regions. Criteria to be considered: measured impact, as well as the potential impact to stimulate the social and economic inclusion, applicability to other people groups or to other regions.

5. Best Contribution to Public Awareness

Candidates in this category are media, news, advertising agencies or their clients, etc. A single or multiple advertisement campaign, article or broadcast, periodical publication, website, major event, all these and more are eligible. Originality and effectiveness are the most important criteria here.

6. Best Supporting Technology or Service

New technologies and services, enabling us to work where we want, are coming on the market every day. In this category, there are only winners, although there is just one first price; all nominees will grasp the attention of authorities, enterprises and individuals who promote new methods of work organisation, in Europe and beyond, and tune in for the e-Work Awards.

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